Sterling Park District

Fitness Classes

Youth Fitness Class
This class will teach the basic concepts of health, fitness, weight training, gym etiquette and technique while instilling a positive feeling about regular exercise. After passing four sessions of the class, participants will receive a specially colored ID card. This card will allow them access, with a parent/guardian, into Westwood Fitness and Duis Fitness.

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Senior Fitness
If you are 60+, we have healthy and social programs that are designed specifically for you! With the purchase of a Senior Fitness punch card, you can achieve the fitness level you desire. Senior Fitness includes the use of Dynabands and chairs to increase your fitness level. Using the punch card, you may also walk our indoor track between 7:00-10:00 a.m. Monday, Wednesday and/or Friday (one punch per class or track session). Dynabands may be purchased at the front desk. The fee is $12 for 12 punches or $24 for 24 punches. Senior Fitness is NOT included with a Total Fitness Pass.

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Tae Kwon Do
Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Level Classes Available.

All classes take place at the Duis Recreation Center.
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Crossfit Unicus
CrossFit Unicus is much more than a gym to workout in. CrossFit Unicus is a community of likeminded individuals that want to live their lives to a higher standard. Our coaching, training, and methodology is centered around CrossFit, which is performing constantly varied functional movements at high intensity. All workouts are infinitely scalable to suit any possible fitness level. Every athlete will perform the same workout; however, the degree at which the workout is performed will vary depending upon the athlete.

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Aerobics Classes

These classes are included with the Total Fitness Pass and are offered at Westwood Fitness & Sports Center.

Muscle and Toning
Jump start your metabolism! This class is designed for a complete and total body workout. We focus on increasing flexibility and toning all the muscles of the body by using steps, weights, stability balls and special aerobic-cardio movements.

Saturday: 10:00a-11:00a

Spinning is a high-energy, non-competitive group workout that burns an average of 500-700 calories per class. It’s fun and easy to learn. Using our stationary cycles, the class follows an instructor through a guided ride of varying levels of intensity while using music and visualization for an intense, motivating workout.

Monday/Wednesday/Friday: 6:30a-7:00a
Tuesday/Thursday: 5:30a-6:30a; 7:45p-8:15p

Step Aerobics
Step aerobics targets the lower body for firmer buttocks, hips and thighs, while helping strengthen and condition the upper body.

Monday/Wednesday/Friday: 8:00a-9:00a

Step and Strength
This is a great cardiovascular workout with steps, slides and core development, followed by stretching and toning.

Tuesday/Thursday: 6:45p-7:30p

Total Body Toning
A mix of cardio and strength training. Students will be led through a variety of exercises designed to increase the heart rate and strengthen the muscles throughout the body. This class is a perfect workout for those who want balance between cardio and weight training.

Monday/Tuesday: 9:30a-10:30a

Body Sculpt
This class is a perfect mix of total body conditioning, strength training and core work. Using body bars, hand weights, steps, medicine balls and mats, this workout is guaranteed to leave you feeling better than you’ve ever felt before. Body Sculpt is taught by an experienced instructor who will guide you through each exercise and help you reach your long term fitness goals.

Monday/Wednesday/Friday: 5:15p-6:15p

Cardio Trio
This class is a great way to start off your weekend. A different workout is offered every Saturday. This class includes all different types of cardiovascular activities.

Saturday: 8:45a-10:00a

The kettlebell is an extremely versatile piece of training equipment and movements can be scaled to any individual regardless of age, experience or goals. The class will also incorporate bodyweight calisthenics and medicine ball movements to add variety.

Monday/Wednesday/Friday: 12:00p-12:45p and 4:30p-5:30p

Fit with HIIT
This class is a perfect introduction to high intensity interval training. We use sandbags, medicine balls, weighted sleds, ropes, kettlebells and our own bodyweight to drop body fat and add muscle with short but effective workouts. Classes consist of timed circuits where individuals move from station to station with little rest in between. If you’re tired of the same old boring gym routine and ready to get sweaty, then this class is for you!

Tuesday/Thursday: 5:30-6:00a and 6:00-6:30p