• 1923

    SPD Established

    The Sterling Park District was established.
  • 1925

    Lawrence Donated

    Lawrence Park donated to the Sterling Park District and Coloma...
  • 1930

    Lawrence Pool

    Lawrence Park pool opened. Owned and operated by both the...
  • 1934-42

    Sinnissippi Acquired

    Sinnissippi Park property was acquired. The first parcel purchased was...
  • 1935

    Kilgour Acquired

    Kilgour Park property was acquired. Named in honor of local...
  • 1941

    Hoover Purchased

    Hoover Park property purchased from Edward Hoover as an extension...
  • 1944

    Sanborn Donated

    Sanborn Park property was donated to the Sterling Park District....
  • 1955

    Douglas Donated

    Douglas Park property was donated to the Sterling Park District....
  • 1961-63

    Gartner Donated

    Gartner Park property was donated to the Sterling Park District....
  • 1966

    Thomas Purchased

    Thomas Park property was purchased in a joint venture with...
  • 1967

    Scheid Purchased

    Scheid Park property was purchased. Named in honor of Ted...
  • 1968-70

    Duis Property Purchased

    Duis Center property was purchased, and recreation facility constructed at...
  • 1970-72

    Oppold Leased

    Oppold Marina property was leased from the State of Illinois...
  • 1973

    50th Anniversary

    Sterling Park District’s 50th Anniversary. Click To View Document
  • 1974-75

    Pool Renovation

    Sterling/Coloma Township Park District joint management of Lawrence Park pool...
  • 1976

    Harry Kidd Field Purchased

    Harry Kidd Field property was purchased from St. Mary’s School...
  • 1977

    Gold Medal Award

    Winner of the National Gold Medal Award sponsored by the...
  • 1978

    Frasor Construction

    Frasor Center was constructed. Originally housing the Sterling Park District’s...
  • 1980

    Track Building Donated

    Indoor track building at Westwood was donated to the Sterling...
  • 1980

    Dillon Home Donated

    Dillon Home property was donated to the Sterling Park District.
  • 1981

    Baldwin Steam Engine

    Baldwin Steam Engine #73 was retired and moved to the...
  • 1982

    Disc Golf Course

    Disc golf course added at Sinnissippi Park.
  • 1983

    60th Anniversary

    Sterling Park District’s 60th Anniversary. Click To View Document
  • 1984

    Westwood Track Fire

    Fire in the Westwood track building caused nearly $1,000,000 in...
  • 1985

    Gold Medal Award

    Won for the second time, the National Park and Recreation...
  • 1985-94

    Westwood Buildings Acquired

    Westwood Buildings #1 and #2, along with the surrounding property,...
  • 1986

    Propheter Donated

    Propheter Park (the old Central School property) donated to the...
  • 1992

    First Pumpkin Dash

    First Pumpkin Dash held at Hoover Park.
  • 1994

    Imagination Station

    Imagination Station constructed at Kilgour Park.
  • 1994

    Emerald Hill Purchased

    Emerald Hill Golf Course was purchased by the Sterling Park...
  • 2002

    Property/Facility Acquisitions

    Acquired jointly with the local school district, a 24,000 square...
  • 2004

    Bike Path Construction

    First of many phases to complete a community-wide bike path...
  • 2006

    Sports Illustrated Award

    Sterling Park District wins the Sports Illustrated Community of the...
  • 2006

    Lincoln Statue Dedication

    Lincoln statue dedication at Propheter Park. Click To View Document...
  • 2007-13

    Bike Path Construction

    Sinnissippi Park to Martin’s Landing bike path constructed.
  • 2008

    Redfield Acquired

    Acquired Redfield Park from Dennis and Brad Redfield.
  • 2008

    Martin’s Landing Opened

    Sinnissippi Dam Walkway and Martin’s Landing were opened. Click To...
  • 2009

    Westwood Building #2 Closed

    Westwood Building #2 closed to the public. Area used for...
  • 2010

    Bike Path Construction

    Bike path located behind Westwood and continuing to the corner...
  • 2010

    Pool Closed

    Lawrence Park pool permanently closed.
  • 2010

    Duis Re-Opened

    Duis Center re-opened after a 7-month $4.4 million renovation project....
  • 2013

    Westwood Building #1 Fire

    Fire in Building #1 at Westwood caused nearly $2,000,000 in...
  • 2014

    Westwood Turf

    Artificial turf was added in the Westwood track building (Building...
  • 2015

    Indoor Pickleball

    Indoor pickleball begins at Westwood. First in Building #1, then...
  • 2016

    Westwood Building #3 Elevator

    Westwood Building #3 vestibule/elevator project completed.
  • 2017

    Bike Path Construction

    Lynn Boulevard to Franklin School bike path constructed. 
  • 2018

    Westwood Tennis Center Opened

    Westwood Tennis Center (Building #2) opened.
  • 2019

    Outdoor Pickleball

    Outdoor pickleball courts constructed at Thomas Park.  
  • 2019

    Westwood Improvements

    Westwood’s Kids Gym, functional training area, fitness turf area, batting...
  • 2020

    Dogwood Acres Opened

    Dogwood Acres dog park opened at Thomas Park.
  • 2021

    Bike Path Construction

    Section 1 of the Sauk Valley Community College (SVCC) bike...
  • 2022

    Bike Path Construction

    Section 2 of the SVCC bike path completed, which entailed...
  • 2023

    Bike Path Construction

    Section 3 of the SVCC bike path (between Woodlawn Road...
  • 2023

    Gartner Park Baseball

    With funding from the Sterling School District, Diamond #7 at...
  • 2023

    Westwood Wellness Opened

    Westwood Wellness opens (Building #1). Click To View Document
  • 2024

    Bike Path Construction

    Section 4 of the SVCC bike path (River Road to...
  • 2024

    Performance Lab to Open

    Performance Lab at Westwood to open (Building #1).
  • 2024

    New Wallyball/Racquetball Court

    Installation of new wallyball/racquetball court at Westwood in Building #1.